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  Role of Pharmacist

Pharmax Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Pharmacist has a unique role in the retail of medicine market. As professional spokesman of Pharmax. Pharmacist must be available at the premises during working hours in professional attire and must monitor availability of Life saving drug, most running injections, tablets, surgical items and hospital equipment detail.

Pharmacist must have complete picture of total stock available and must review daily receiving which received on his outlet. Also maintain the detail of customer demand on daily biases, if customer is not satisfy with pharmacist performance, he can complain through email or telephone. 

He must be able to provide counsel and guidance to the salesman regarding alternate medicines available on the counter.

He must volunteering assist the patients on prescription related questions / problems.

Pharmacist must develop a schedule for himself for marketing of Pharmax in the hospital departments & administration.

Pharmacist  must spend sufficient time with doctors / nursing staff and hospital pharmacist and other staff to detail them the commitment of Pharmax Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited.

          a) Quality Medicines at discounted price
          b) 24 Hours service at convenient location to the patients.

Pharmacist must compile & submit weekly detail report of his interaction with hospital officials and issues of complaint arising must be brought to the management notice.

Pharmacist must explain Pharmax supply purchase and distribution network to the doctors to win their confidence and support

Identify areas of growth potentials (New Products) and cater to the needs of specialty after through  review of the hospital. Pharmacist list must review the availability list off life saving items in the pharmacy and it is his responsibility to discuss about non-availability of any item, with the management.

  • Pharmacist must maintain a regular educational discussion with manager and salesman on the subject of formulations / interchangeable / antibiotics and most commonly prescribed items.

    Duties of a Pharmacist
  • To be ethical and disciplined.
  • To educate the salesman and managers about handling, dispensing and storage of drugs.
  • To develop a PR with the doctors and the hospital administration.
  • To advise the patients about the usage of drugs.
  • To suggest any substitute with the counsel of the doctor.
  • To be well aware of the drug laws.
  • To inform the office about the introduction of any new drug .
  • To be well aware of any new developments in the hospital and inform the office.
  • To keep a watchful eye on the managers and salesman.
  • To keep the record of controlled and narcotic drugs.
  • To keep the record of expired drugs.
  • To keep the record of fridge items.
  • Be aware of the specialty of your hospital and the prescription output of that ward.
  • To keep the record of no wards indoor and outdoor patients .
  • Price / Discount checking.
  • To check the bill warranty of all the medicines.
  • To maintain the daily NA report.
  • To keep the price list of all the companies.
  • Also keep drugs generic detail of all companies.
  • Responsible of the marketing of the store.
  • To keep the records of hospital demand.
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